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26 year old me

hello life.. hello me... hello anybody that keep track in my blog.. eventhough i thought this blog dosent existed... hahaha

Update my life...
-still single.. haha
- im already working
- im already got my own car
- miss my friend
- being lonely at work place
- still shy.. and dosent dare to take a move
- still lazy af
- still miss my old life
- still not matured enough
- dosent have my own houses because too busy having fun with my own (traveling)
- still dosent think much about the future.. like.. who im gonna be married too.. who im gonna be if i reach my 30 years old.. is it still be the same me like today
- need a friend that i can always reach each day...

Thats all kot.. ithink thres many thing i haven write down yet... but.. its 11:20pm.. i must sleep now jooo... and gonna wake up early at 4.30 am for 1 hour 30min driving to my workplace...

Goodnight aliens...

Catatan Terbaharu

i miss you la..

Goodbye 2013


HARTA KARUN- wishlish 4 tahun lalu..


Wishlist... can i???

Video: Tabasan Mood Swing

feeling that.... MAYBE i should quit this..

prak ti kum...

mashup lyrics